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Steel Classifications

Cold Rolled Commercial Quality - Class I (CRCQ)

Here at Jackson Tube Service we utilize class I material only in the manufacture of our cold rolled products. This specialized material is used in applications where surface condition is of the utmost importance. The material also offers advantages relating to moderate fabrication and gauge (tubular wall thickness) control.

(.039" - .097" C1010, C1015, C1020)

Jackson Tube Service Cold Rolled Commercial Quality
Jackson Tube Service

Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled (HRPO)

For hot rolled applications, Jackson Tube Service uses pickled
and oiled steel only, not black band as used by some tube sources. Our hot rolled products feature a more homogeneous surface condition which lends itself well to most all painting and
mechanical applications.

(.055" - .250" HRPO1010, HRPO1015, HRPO1020)

Plating Quality (PQ)

Plating Quality Steel is similar to CRCQ Class I but undergoes additional process to achieve a superior surface finish. This material is typically used in "surface critical" applications such as chrome plating. By subjecting this substrate to our highly refined material handling methodologies the results are spectacular.

Selected guages available upon request.

Jackson Tube Service

Jackson Tube Service

High Strength Low-Alloy Steel (HSLA)

High Strength, Low-Alloy products offer significant improvements
over the use of traditional carbon steel. It is possibly to realize a substantial reduction in both weight and cost without compromising strength. We can produce a wide range of HSLA steels to meet your specific needs.

Jackson Tube Service provides Cold-Rolled and Hot-Rolled HSLA steel ranging from a 40,000 PSI yield to 80,000 PSI yield. Other gauges and strength classifications, including Boron grades may be available on inquiry.